Doing Sport out of your Comfort Zone – TRY IT!

Whatever your chosen sport, do you just stick to what you know and what you are comfortable with or have you pushed yourself and taken it to the next level? As a keen mountain biker, participating every year in a number of local races became the norm, but you knew what you were in for and you trained accordingly, you got a bit better each year but you never really tested yourself. “So how about doing the Trans Baviaans, 230 kilometres of the most beautiful Nature Reserve with a few monster mountains thrown in, 24 hours to finish, making it the longest single day mountain bike race in the world?” he said. “You’re crazy”, I said!

Well suffice to say it didn’t go well, we finished in 20 hours and 3 minutes, do you know how your body and your butt feels after that amount of time bonding with that jet fighter-shaped saddle? Not mentioning the alternative route chosen due to dramatic flooding, bringing mud and wet and more wet and more slow-motion crashes than you thought possible. A lost soul walking back along the route without their trusty stead, “Where’s your Bike?” we asked. “I hate my bike, I threw it over the cliff, I don’t want to ever see it again”, he said. You hate the person who got you into this, you despise the organisers when you are lying in a pool of mud, soaked and cold, you want to beat up the smart-arse teammate who says, “Just keep moving forwards and we will get to the end”. Well we did eventually get to the end nearly a day after starting, but your body says no never again!

It’s then on the drive home that the metamorphosis of your thinking kicks in. You realize you did something special, you’re chuffed and feeling a great sense of pride, you pushed your limits to somewhere you’d never been before, you bonded with your team-mates to a ‘Band of Brothers’ euphoric level, you lived life on the edge like you’ve never done before, you’ve never been so alive, and yes now you miss it all already and you just want to do it all over again. So my advice is to Push Yourself, go beyond your limits, it’s life changing, what’s more you’ll get to know yourself better,…………TRY IT!