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Honda Motor Southern Africa - Honda Dreams Newsletter

Honda DREAMS is a monthly E-Newsletter produced by Publish Smart for Honda Motor Southern Africa based in Johannesburg. It covers their 4 main product ranges, namely Cars, Motorcycles, Power Equipment and Marine, together with special Features on new products, as well as giving detailed coverage of Honda’s vast array of international motorsport activities. To date the monthly bulk distribution currently sits at 35 000.

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Knysna Yamaha

Knysna Yamaha Lifestyle is also a monthly E-Newsletter that now reaches the loyal and strong customer base that this business has built up over a 35-year period. Knysna Yamaha is one of the top marine dealers within South Africa and because they are selling a specific lifestyle, they wanted to communicate this through to their customers on a more personal basis.

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Honda Marine Southern Africa

Before being merged into Honda DREAMS, this marine-specific E-Newsletter proved very popular with Honda Marine enthusiasts across the country over a 5-year period. Featuring Dealer News, Honda Product News, Boating Safety Tips and a host of other relevant topics, it was very successful in strengthening the Honda Marine brand in the local South African market.

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Honda Marine Knysna

This was the first E-Newsletter project that Publish Smart embarked upon and it played a vital role in establishing a successful and workable format. This particular dealer wanted to create a very personal line of communication with the customer base by providing them with interesting and relevant information on the products and services on offer, but more often than not in a light-hearted soft-sell manner.

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Paarlberg BMW

It was great to re-associate with a brand that I had previously worked for. Wanting to communicate the ongoing benefits of “The Ultimate Driving Experience” to a longstanding and very loyal customer base, it was felt that with so many new products and dealer happenings going on that a quarterly E-Newsletter would offer the best solution for this need to inform and so it has proven.

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Marine & PowerSports

With a change of the main product brand, it was decided that an E-Newsletter would provide the most cost-effective and easy way to communicate the new set-up, as well as to re-assure the existing pool of owners that their previously purchased different-brand products would be 100% looked after and serviced as before.

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Honda Power Equipment

Honda has built up a phenomenal reputation over time for the tremendous performance, reliability, ease of use and environmentally-friendly nature of all their products including their vast range of Power Products ranging from Generators to Water Pumps to Lawnmowers to Brushcutters and a lot more. To communicate the advantages and benefits of Honda’s superior technology, an E-Newsletter was established until it too was eventually merged into the overall Honda DREAMS offering.

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