Website / Blog Copy Writing

Every business should have a Website to which a Blog can easily be coupled, making it a hugely integral and important aspect of your overall marketing activities. Not only does it allow your customers to know your business and what you offer, it allows them to reach you in a convenient, around the clock manner, giving your business credibility. It’s therefore essential that the copy on your Website is not only informative, but that it is written in such a way that search engines will seek it out.

Sybaris Interiors

As designers and manufacturers of hand-crafted kitchens and furniture based in Knysna, South Africa and with an overall client base stretching from the Garden Route through to the whole of South Africa, as well as the UK and Ireland, it was important to portray the superior craftsmanship that is part and parcel of everything that Sybaris offers. Their use of specific techniques passed down through the ages, the fact that much of their very skilled workforce have been with them from the beginning, and that they offer the ultimate customer experience to their ever-growing collection of very discerning clients.

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Marine & Powersports Knysna

What was important here was to get across that this dealership is passionate about boating and that they have a comprehensive range of products which will allow their customers to maximize their leisure time on the water. From an exclusive range of boats to an exclusive line-up of engines it was critical to show that they will find a boating solution for all. Also at the same time to reveal all this information in a personal and customer-friendly way.

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Honda Motor Southern Africa

This particular Blog performs a number of useful functions, firstly it serves as a platform for the extended E-Newsletter stories, allowing Honda SA to run the full article/story whilst only showing the reader a brief story-heading intro in the actual E-Newsletter. In this way the reader is given the choice as to what he or she wants to read or not. Secondly it enables Honda SA to keep all their customers informed on a regular basis and to bring them closer to their overall business by showing them a more detailed and informative side of what they do. Thirdly Reader traffic is attracted to this Blog because fresh interesting and informative content is constantly being posted, which helps Honda SA with their online rankings and overall presence. Finally this Blog gives Honda SA the opportunity to develop stronger relationships and to build trust with their customers.

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