What We Do


  • Publish-Smart will facilitate the compilation, production and bulk mail-out of your E-Newsletter.
  • Sourcing, development, preparation and writing of ALL your E-Newsletter content and imagery.
  • Obtaining the relevant Product/ Service information from any other News and Media websites relevant to what your business offers.
  • Implementation and control over the overall Design and Layout of your E-Newsletter.
  • Management and coordination of any Competitions or Special Offers or Announcements that run via your E-Newsletter.
  • Timeous preparation and Bulk Mail-out of your E-Newsletter following your approval/ sign off.
  • Management and updating of your overall database in terms of new Subscribers/ Unsubscribers.
  • Setting up and maintenance of a Blog, to be established on and run via your website. This Blog will be aligned directly to your E-Newsletter enabling complete stories to be posted and commented on by readers.

Benefits of Your E-Newsletter

  • The most cost-effective and impactful marketing campaign that you will ever undertake, allowing you to reach a broad audience, namely your complete customer database, instantly.
  • It also allows you and your business the opportunity to communicate with your all-important customers on a regular basis, also giving them the opportunity to interact with you.
  • It gives you the opportunity to promote NEW Products and Services to your overall target market (existing and potential customers), activities that will generate ongoing interest.
  • Regular direct communication with your customer base via your E-Newsletter will not only strengthen your overall business and product brand, it will over time create and build a strong sense of loyalty amongst them.
  • By constantly tracking the results of each and everyone of your E-Newsletter mail-outs (Sends), we shall be in a position to perfect our approach to the customer base over time.


  • Publish-Smart will set up your Blog via your Website.
  • All Articles featured in your E-Newsletter will be posted onto your Blog.
  • These complete Blogs will be posted along with images making them extremely reader friendly.
  • All Blog articles will be properly indexed enabling readers to find any required archived posts that they might need.

Benefits of Your Blog

  • Extension of your E-Newsletter stories, allows you to run full article/story whilst only showing reader the teaser intro in the E-Newsletter. Gives the reader the choice as to what he/she wants to read or not.
  • Enables you to keep all your customers informed on a regular basis and to bring them closer to your business by showing them a more personal side of what you do.
  • Gives all your readers the opportunity to comment and give feedback.
  • Easy and relatively inexpensive to set up as an integral part or your Website set-up.
  • Blogs are search engine friendly, so the use of key words is essential to boost your Search Engine Optimization.
  • Reader traffic will be attracted to your Blog so long as you post regular fresh content that is interesting and informative. This in turn will grow your Website’s online rankings and overall presence.
  • Your Blog will give you the opportunity to develop stronger relationships and to build trust with your customers.
  • Creating your own Blog gives readers the opportunity to share with others, giving you some free advertising, but more importantly validating you as a credible business.

Digital Marketing

The use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, display advertising and other channels to reach your customers.

  • Social Media Marketing – the use of social media platforms and websites to promote your product or service.
  • Content Marketing – the art of storytelling and sharing valuable information via E-Newsletters and Blogs.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – the process of optimising content or websites so that they show up in search results in search engines.
  • Affiliate Marketing – whereby your business rewards affiliates for promoting your products and bringing in new customers.
  • E-mail Marketing – utilising an existing mailing list or growing a new mailing list and building customer relationships via ongoing communication via Newsletters or Email campaigns.


  • Publish-Smart offers a Copywriting facility whether for Website text, Newsletter content, Advertisement development or Company slogans.

Benefits of Using PublishSmart

  • Essential to set your Website apart from competitors.
  • Need to capture what your business has to offer and to express that concisely and effectively.
  • Need for your copy to be persuasive without being seen as sales-like.
  • Need to keep your site active by constantly adding a constant flow of new content.